Metro DC DBT Consortium





The Metropolitan Washington DC DBT Consortium is a group of independent DBT professionals who are committed to providing effective and professional Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to youth and adults in metropolitan the Washington, DC area.

The skilled consortium therapists all actively provide DBT services and collaborate as part of DBT treatment and consultation teams. You can be assured that you will get quality, state-of-the-art service from these providers.

The consortium members provide DBT with the following components:

  • Therapists are members of a DBT treatment team

  • Therapists participate in a DBT consultation team

  • Diary cards and homework are utilized

  • Formal and separate skills training, including the "Middle Path" module for adolescents and families

  • Therapy is goal directed and addresses problems using the DBT hierarchy of targets

  • Use of chain analysis, telephone coaching, and other cognitive and behavioral techniques

  • Mindfulness is a fundamental element of the treatment

Contact the DBT Consortium professionals below for more information (click on the name to email)

Therapist Specialty

Brian Corrado, PsyD

The Bethesda Group Psychological Services





Adolescents and adults



Pat Harvey, LCSW-C





Family members of children, adolescents and adults who have intense emotions



Britt Rathbone, LCSW-C, CGP

Rathbone & Associates





  Adolescents and young adults



Judi Sprei, PhD

Dr. Judi Sprei and Associates





Adolescents, adults and parents


All of the consortium members are actively engaged in providing DBT training to the mental health community. Additionally, members of the consortium have received in-person training from the following nationally recognized experts in the field of DBT:

  • Marsha Linehan, PhD

  • Charles Swenson, MD

  • Shari Manning, PhD

  • Alec Miller, PhD

  • Cindy Sanderson, PhD

  • Adam Payne, PhD

  • Ed Shearin, PhD

  • Lane Pederson, PsyD

  • Cathy Moonshine, PhD

The consortium members have completed advanced DBT training facilitated by Charles Swenson, MD of the Treatment Implementation Collaborative. The consortium members are active in both providing and receiving professional continuing education in DBT.

The consortium offices are in Rockville and Bethesda, Maryland, convenient to Northern Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Montgomery County, Maryland.

For detailed information on using your health insurance for DBT click here and see our links for additional resources